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SEXY AMBER – Michael Kors

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Sexy Amber is sporty sometimes, but always sexy. Oriental floral fragrance is for modern women who love sweet and warm fragrances. Sexy Amber will always be elegant and attractive. Enjoy the Sexy Amber fragrance!

What does it really mean to be sexy?

Dear girls, ladies and women, I have asked this question to some men and have prepared a joint answer for you from everything they have told me.

The men replied that they considered sexy many different matters.

However, some women make the mistake of thinking that only their physical attributes count.

Truth be told, men on women first notice their physical appearance, but there are nonetheless other attractive issues that are not related to your physical appearance.

What do all men notice about a woman and what can be sexy?


  • Beautiful legs – We know that men have beautiful women’s feet, especially those who are sporty and well defined.

Thus, day by day, there is a growing number of men to whom women’s legs represent the greatest lust (even greater than their breasts and buttocks).


  • Energy and positive faith are contagious, so such women are easily admired and adored by most men.

Let me make it clear, for example, that a woman applied for a job advertisement, despite being aware of the minimum options, still thinking positively and believing that her job is hers.

Such inspiration – every man wants a woman around him.


  • High Heels – Women’s shoes rate each other.

The men admitted that the view also escapes our high heels.

Unlike women who have a sense of detail, it is most important to men that a woman has high heels.


  • The smell that complements a woman is sexy to every man.

However, do not overdo it with perfume as this can lead to the opposite effect. Careful choice of perfume is the first step in successful seduction.


  • Butt – The buttocks are one of the main body parts that men notice on a woman.

Men’s criteria are different from women’s, because it is more important for us to be firm and by no means too small, we do not pay attention to the shape itself.


  • Housework is still in the male perception where the woman is supposed to take care of her home and family, so it is important for us men that the woman cooks well and, for example, the character in other tasks we will come to your aid.

  • Underwear in sexy forms has been proven to be worn by women who feel sexy and relaxed, thereby forcing men to have sex.

  • Self-esteem is a problem for many women as men notice their arrogant and arrogant behavior. True women’s self-confidence is shown through elegance, sophistication and inattention.

  • The adventurous spirit of brave, fearless, and women who know what desire is more than sexy. There is something hidden in these ladies who are not afraid to travel the unknown and change in their personal or business field.

  • Speech as such can attract or repel a man, the best way is to speak slowly, a little deeper, and add a sweet tone.

  • The eyes of a woman tell a 701 story – show her emotions and current feelings, and if a woman is honest, relaxed and happy, every man will notice.

Now is the time to turn yourself into a sexy seducer with the perfect Sexy Amber – Michael Kors perfume for the occasion.

Sexy Amber is a stylish and modern woman, every moment of the day and night.

Perfume ideal for confident women who have no fear of showing sexy spirit and seduction.

Seduce or be seduced today.

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white flowers, amber, sandalwood

Ingredient: INCI: Alcohol Denat, Perfume, Aqua, Triethyl Citrate, Benzyl Salicylate, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Isoeugenol, D-Limonene, Linalool, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone

WARNING: : Not edible, keep away from children

Date of use : printed on the perfume declaration

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