What is your face shape?

What is your face shape?

What’s your face shape? And how to choose fashion accessories according to the shape?

The shape of the face and the knowledge of certain rules is crucial in shaping the overall personal style. You’re probably wondering why? When creating your own style, everything revolves around form and geometry, where it is essential to find the perfect balance. So, what’s your face shape?

How best to determine the shape of your face?

There are many ways, but for us the best has been shown:

  • Sit down in front of a mirror, tie your hair, or fold it back, as the face will be completely free of hair.
  • Take lipstick and stretch on the mirror the shape of your face, all around the scalp and jaw.
  • Then compare the shape you have drawn with one of the forms shown below.


Round shape

If your face is round, choose the rectangular and long lines, because this kind of jewelry accessories will prolong your face. Rectangular and square earrings are also the perfect choice for your face.



Oval shape

This is the most common facial shape that fits perfectly with every style. You can always afford to experiment with different  accessories to emphasize your face. But avoid wearing long and thin shapes! Choose, for example form of buttons, ovals, tears, clouds, ellipses or similar.



Earrings that are wider at the bottom are the perfect choice for you! The pyramids and triangles will also look great on you. Avoid earrings in the shape of a heart, as they are very short.



Square shape

Jewelry with round and corner edges will be the best choice, as they will help to soften your square face. Do not wear long hanging earrings, because such earrings would only emphasize you face shape.



Elongated shape

We advise you to wear jewelery which are as simple as possible, especially earrings. Three-dimensional earrings will increase the width of your face! So, you can wear circular, trioglates with a top facing up and of course indispensable square shapes.



Triangular shape

If your face is triangular, you need earrings that will ease the sharpness of your angles. Large oval or small round earrings will be the perfect choice for you.



Face shape and fashion accessories

It is certain that regardless of the shape of your face, there are accessories that are perfectly created for you. Fashion accessories must complement and refine your entire image, but should not stand out too exaggerated. Choosing the right combination of clothing and jewelry is crucial for a beautiful look. In doing so, we also need to pay attention to the overall image of the body, such as face shape, skin tone, neck and hand length. These guidelines will make it easier for you to make better decisions and  look great and relaxed on every special occasion.

Tone of skin and fashion accessories?

YES. The tone of the skin is divided into cold and warm. Skin tone is the most easier to determine on the inside of the wrist, where the vessels are most visible. Blue-colored veins show a cool tone of skin, greenishly colored, a warm skin tone. If you don’t notice either of the two, you have a neutral tone.

Another technique is to put two pieces of fabric or paper against the face – silver and gold. Analyze which one looks better and which color beautifies your face. Silver determines the cool tone of the skin, and golden is for warm tone.

When you find out which face shape and which skin tone you have, it will be more quickly to find out which color of clothing best suits you. Women who have a cold skin tone are more likely to wear a blue, green and purple color. Red, orange and yellow are better placed on a warm skin tone. Women with neutral skin tone will shine throughout the entire color palette


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